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Property management

Complete management solutions for your real estate.

Complete management solution

We undertake the management of your real estate at all levels, so that you have peace of mind in any case. From rent collection, all the procedures and communication with all the aspects that a landlord needs to face, to finding new tenants, Peace of Mind Property is here for you. For more than 20 years, we have been helping property owners to move successfully and with absolute professionalism into the murky waters of their property management process, covering all their current and future needs. Contact us and find the right solution for you. 

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With Peace of Mind Property you have so much more than just a property manager. You have a whole team of professionals, who take care of every small and big issue for your real estate.

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Full team

You will communicate with one side, but behind it, there is a complete team of professionals for every problem and need. Contact the person in charge of accounting, legal, real estate issues, renovations, and management. For every issue, we have experienced professionals who take care of your property, whether we are talking about individuals or companies.

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Inspections and briefing

We inspect your property before renting or selling, we always visit it during any lease, and we supervise any work or renovation happening on it. We inform you on a multi-level and immediate basis for every issue and development, wherever you are.

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Property and Real Estate Management

Every 6-12 months you have a purchase and lease assessment, financial return analysis, estimates and investment plans tailored to your needs by the top experts in the country.

They say about us

The Peace of Mind Property team knowledge of residential and commercial buildings has been a significant asset to me as a real estate agent.

Sofia K. - Realtor

Working with Peace of Mind was enjoyable and I consider it a valuable resource for my business

Alexandrs Ch. - House owner