Management packages

Solutions for everybody


• The best solution for real estate outside large urban centers or small valued
• Charge 10% on the monthly rent (minimum charges apply)
• Autopsy 1-2 times a year
• Further management service through the network of partners if they exist in the area.

• Basic valuation and analysis of values and investment portfolio.


• Ideal solution for properties with an average rent of € 500 +
• For customers with 1-3 properties

• Charge of 10% on rents
• Complete service package (minimum duration of cooperation 12 - 18 months)
• Detailed assessment and analysis of values and investment plans.


• The solution for a property or properties with a total rent of over € 3,000
• Charges proportional to the amount of rents and the type of real estate
• Tailor made solutions, options and services.

• Semi-annual analyzes and detailed estimates of values and investment plans.