Why should you choose a Property Management Company

Managing a property - or even more so, as is often the case, is neither easy nor simple. From the timely collection of rents, to the satisfaction of the tenants, the settlement of outstanding issues and the solution of small or major problems, the requirements are often a challenge.

That is why more and more people in Greece decide to get in touch with a real estate management company, as has been the case for decades all over the world. Such a company, which has nothing to do with an ordinary real estate agency, can become a valuable partner that will untie your hands. It offers you time and peace of mind, instead of running to catch up on all the obligations and tasks that real estate carries and manages. Above all, it helps you maximize your real estate profits and returns by increasing your income and investment.

How can Peace of Mind Property help me with in addition to managing my day-to-day problems?

A real estate management company, such as Peace of Mind Property, can advise you or take on all the necessary work through its network of partners, from renovation, furnishing and decoration, to promotion and maintenance. You will simply and carefree see your profits grow and your investment increase in value.
You can use a number of different service options and adapt them to your needs and your real estate, so that it can be used in the best and most efficient way.

Who determines the rent of the property?

You set the rent every time. Peace of Mind will advise you, will make analyzes based on market data and data at any time in the area, but we are always there to help you make your own decisions.
Peace of Mind Property Management is here to help you so that your property is almost never left unused, collecting the appropriate rent.

Do you only undertake houses or other types of real estate (offices, shops, etc.)?

Peace of Mind Property Management undertakes the management of any kind of real estate, whether it is for individuals, or for corporate schemes, individually or as a whole.

I had my property for rent with a short-term lease, but now I want to go back to the long-term. Can you find me tenants?

We promote your property in a number of public but also more specialized aspects, and we check for you all the potential tenants to ensure the best and most efficient solution for you and your property. If at any time you want to return to a corresponding solution, we can help you in this case as well.

What if I want to sell my property?

An appointment is made, analyzing all the data (property value, sale schedule, possibilities, etc.) to help you decide on the right moves for your real estate. Then it remains to promote the property professionally in all the known trading platforms inside and outside Greece, and of course we will offer you the assistance of our network of partners for the most complete and efficient development.

A property management company like Peace of Mind Property knows very well how to write the right ad, what items to display that will be of interest to tenants. He also knows what photos and videos to choose and in what media to advertise it in order to quickly reach the right people. If they have their own promotion platform, so much the better, because they do it at the lowest possible cost.

I already have tenants on my property. Can you take it on?

Of course. We know that contact with tenants is often a soul-destroying process, especially when there are difficult conditions. No one wants to be in frequent confrontations, nor to be in a difficult position. A real estate management company has the psychological and professional advantage over the tenant. Their relationship is more formal, so they deal with problems more easily, quickly and effectively. This way, you do not get into conflicts with the tenant and you do not worry about minor damages or issues such as the termination of the contract and we always provide you with options.

I am far away and I do not have the time and the way to see prospective tenants and deal with procedures. Can you do it for me?

By choosing Peace of Mind Property you will no longer have the stress of choosing the right tenants. A management company takes you out of the trouble and difficult position, choosing them for you, with strict criteria and multi-level controls.
We maje sure the tenants are trustworthy,and ensure that there will be no damage and problems in the area. You also have fewer concepts about how long tenants are changing. You do not care about details and minor problems (what the previous ones left, if there are signs or minor damages, how clean the space was received, etc.). We make sure that everything is solved, everything that is needed is repaired, the space is perfectly cleaned and everything is ready and perfect for the future. You save time, money and peace of mind.

How do I check and how am I informed about what is happening on my property while there are tenants inside?

With Peace of Mind you have fewer meanings for the space that tenants are in your property. We check the space at regular intervals and inform you with photos / videos of what you need, and make sure you do not worry about small or large everyday issues, such as the running water heater or the radiator that does not work. Our partners will solve any problem whether you are a few meters away or in another city or country. We will be there for you, representing you and taking care of every situation and need.

Can you pay my bills and my financial obligations while I am away?

You do not need to worry about utilities, ENFIA or anything similar. We can undertake the payment of each bill and the obligation borne by the owners, and even represent you in building assembly meetings, etc. Every month you will have a report of expenses and expenses.

What are the benefits of working with your affiliate network?

Initially, you have lower maintenance and repair costs. Of course we can use your own professionals and technicians if you wish, but if you do not want to look for carpenters and last minute solutions, the network of our experienced partners, covers all needs, at highly competitive prices and absolutely reliable. You no longer have to worry about what time the craftsmen will come, how good a job they will do, and how soon they will finish. We are here for everything.
We are also here to take care of and prevent future problems. Maintenance, repair and frequent inspection often prevent costly and major problems. For everything, of course, you get written and immediate updates, planning and control of procedures and details so that you have peace of mind at all times.